A Message From the Rivoli Restoration Coalition

The Rivoli Restoration Coalition is pleased to present our 2014–2015 Strategic Plan. It outlines our vision for the project and our strategy to renovate and restore Pendleton’s Historic Rivoli Theater. The Coalition began developing this plan in the spring of 2014 in collaboration with Susan Bower of Eastern Oregon Business Source, to whom we are grateful.

In this plan, we document the history of the Coalition, highlight the group’s ongoing achievements, and state our plans for complete restoration and operation of the Rivoli by 2020. Although we have only started the work needed in order to achieve our vision, we are excited by our accomplishments to date, and we greatly appreciate the already widespread support from our community and region. We look forward to continued collaboration with our current and future partners as we continue restoring the Rivoli into the Northwest’s premiere showcase for excellence in arts, entertainment, and information.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Economic Impact

The Rivoli Restoration will have a significant impact on the regional and local economy. The restored Rivoli Theater will:

  • Attract visitors and locals to Pendleton’s downtown
  • Provide a catalyst for local economic development
  • Increase income for downtown merchants and restaurants
  • Further rejuvenate Pendleton’s historic downtown
  • Historic preservation, in particular the revitalization of theaters, has been shown to be a major economic driver in communities across the country

Forming the Restoration Coalition and Establishing Community Support

The Rivoli Theater was built on Pendleton’s Main Street in the 1920’s. Its function as a theater evolved with the times until the late 1980’s when the movie theater closed. It was vacant and deteriorating for the next two decades.

The Rivoli Restoration Coalition was founded in 2010 to restore the shuttered historic Rivoli Theater and transform it into a contemporary center for community based performing arts and culture. In addition to bringing to our community the many benefits of a state-of-the-art venue on Main Street in Pendleton, the founders envisioned that a restored Rivoli would create a place of interest contributing to the economic vitality of Pendleton and Eastern Oregon.

The Coalition conducted an exhaustive analysis of the many challenges it faced, including a careful assessment of the physical structure, a confirmation of local interest in the project and the community’s desire to complete the work, and development of initial architectural concepts and plans for theater restoration. Opsis Architecture of Portland, Oregon, captured many of the results of the Coalition’s investigation in a Feasibility Study completed in February 2011. Opsis confirmed the integrity of the structure and the local needs that
a restored Rivoli would meet.

The Rivoli Restoration Coalition, an Oregon non-profit corporation, achieved its status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in March 2011.

The initial Coalition members commissioned an in-depth exploration stage in September 2011 that lasted several months. The Coalition reached out to the community through several multi-day workshops, presentations from the Coalition, and discussions with individuals, organizations, and the interested public through open-house meetings. The extended dialogue revealed the community’s clear interest in restoring the Rivoli and willingness to support the project through diverse means.

The local community provided the initial objectives and purposes of the Coalition:

  • To create a versatile performing arts facility that satisfies a wide variety of performance and civic needs, now and for future generations;
  • To promote cooperation and mutual commitment among the many individuals and groups who have worked to make the concept of a community performing arts center a reality;
  • To support our community partners in their efforts to foster personal growth, economic vitality, and quality of life for all citizens; and
  • To develop a proficient structure for the eventual management and daily operation of the facility, ensuring responsible stewardship of the financial resources invested in restoring the Rivoli and its operation.

Knowing that the support of our local and regional partners is vital to our progress, the Coalition continues to adhere to these community values. The research and findings of the Coalition, confirmed by Opsis Architecture, form the foundation of our confidence in the project’s continued success.